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Tareq Yousef Al-Shallal Est.

Tareq Yousef Al-Shallal Est. is a registered establishment in Kuwait that provides clients with investment services related to real-estate and financing, in addition to brokerage services.
If a client has a project and owns land but do not possess the necessary financial liquidity to initiate construction, we could supply a partner to initiate construction according to what is agreed upon between all parties involved, and vice versa. If you own the capital and but do not own land, we will provide you with the land through an investor who owns the land. All our works are subject to the laws of the State of Kuwait. The agreements and contracts can be reviewed by the lawyers of the parties involved before the signature process.
Tareq Yousef Al-Shallal Est. can provide distinguished investment opportunities with appropriate costs for the investor in real-estate development projects.

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What We Do

If the client has land and wants an investor to build it, TareqYousef Al-Shallal Est.will assist the clientby providing an investor and any interested parties in such activities.
The team in our establishment conducts a market survey on a regular basis to spot developments in the financial and real-estate market and monitor for market trends as well as profitable investment opportunities which fit the high standards of the establishment and its clients.
The establishment is constantly working on issuing survey reports and commercial analysis to the client base because it constitutes an important part of the decision-making phase taking into consideration that all information is confidential, neutral, unbiased, and ideal to the internal resources of the establishments and its clients.

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We help our clients in achieving their goals and have invested in numerous successful projects
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Our Mission

Tareq Yousef Al-Shallal Est.’s mission is to provide distinguished, profitable, and beneficialinvestment opportunities in the real estate sector as well as brokerage services in an ethical and trustworthy manner generating attractive returns to its valued client base.

Our Vision

Tareq Yousef Al-Shallal Est.’s vision is to globalize without borders. Basing integrity, creativity, and out the box thinking in the center of all our works.


An Overview Of Us

Tareq Yousef Al-Shallal Est. plays a crucial role in providing financial and real-estate investment services in Kuwait to meet the growing needs of its clients.
Our plans assist clients in meeting their needs in relation to financial and real-estate investments, brokerage, and assistance in providing relevant parties to participate with them towards a specific project with the existence of the specified land for the project or construction.
We have a professional and experienced team to assist with the procedures and clarifications if needed. In addition, our employees will be happy to answer all your inquiries, as well as guaranteeing that all parties comply with the concluded agreements between them, to ensure that the process is in accordance with the law and to protect the rights of all the parties involved.